Matt Brandt


Considered a desert rat and dreamer who frequently escapes into the world for dad-like adventures. Professionally I am Software Engineer, Program Manager, and Engineering Manager.


As part of a professional growth arc, I’ve moved into Reliability Engineering to understand the roles, impact, and how this domain elevates an engineering organization. I am currently the Lead Site Reliability Engineer for Firstup, working on EKS deployed microservices that service millions of requests per day. I have a rich past working in Open Source; as a project maintainer and core contributor with IBM and Mozilla. Moments have filled me with joh:

  • Firefox Interoperability Engineering Manager and the adventures therein.
  • Selenium project, Python bindings contributor.
  • Community manager and evangelist; maintained communities in North and South America, Canada, and Europe. Forever indebted to the Romanian and South African OSS communities <3
  • Brought interns onto our teams using as a vehicle to elevate those impacted by systemic bias and underrepresentation.
  • SIGAccess, created pathways to progress leading edge Accessibility research, moving work into open source tools for UX and developer teams.
  • Partnering with and creating OSS curricula and teaching engagements with universities.

~ May 25, 2022