Mozillians Vouch Refactor

Mozillians Vouch Refactor - Testday

Welcome to the Mozillians project. We love working with old and new contributors!

Boulder, Colorado

The latest feature set of the community phonebook has landed and is ready for testing. The phonebook is a place to find, share, and communicate with open web advocates throughout the world.

The community has worked to find creative ways to make the phonebook a place where active and trusted memebers of the community can connect. The latest set of features seeks to push new contributors and returning contributors to be more active in shaping our community.

The new trust model:

  • Anyone can create a Mozillians account.
  • 1 vouch allows users to search for and view Mozillian profiles
  • 3 vouches are needed to vouch for new Mozillians

A test environment is live on our dev server -

Test Plan

There are two areas that you can get involved with helping test; feature verification using exploratory testing techniques and test automation coverage.

Setup for manual testing

Here are the unverified features that needs to still need to be tested. Find a bug that needs verification and begin testing.If you have questions reach out in IRC - #mozwebqa or #commtools - and introduce yourself. Myself or another community member will help you.

To get started you’ll need:

  • Disposable email addresses so you can create test accounts on dev. I recommend free services like Mailinator or 10minutemail.
  • is one of my preferred tools if you don’t need to verify receipt of email but it forces you to parse a json file.
  • Create an account on our dev server.
  • Some of the test scenarios will require a vouched account. You can automatically vouch yourself by appending /vouch to the url.
  • For example
  • Alternatively you can unvouch yourself by appending /unvouch to the url.

Filing Bugs

  • Write good bugs that provide clear steps to reproduce the problem. Read this document for tips.
  • Use this form to file new bugs.
  • Bugzilla etiquette - be polite and treat people with respect, we are a friendly community.
  • IRC etiquette - same as Bugzilla; relax and have fun.

Setup for test automation

Creating test automation assumes that you have a bit of experience writing code and working with version control.

The new

Getting started:

We really appreciate your enthusiasm and help with making the community phonebook better. This is fully a community initiative and wouldn’t exist without you.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Matt Brandt

~ July 24, 2014