Writing Again

A New Beginning

A couple of years ago - in 2016, I think - I stopped writing for various reasons. A significant one being I became a parent and found that I enjoyed devoting all of my free time to endless child-driven adventures.

I also worked in Open Source, actively contributing to projects, and engaged with a globally distributed community. All of my itches were being scratched.

A few years ago I wanted to start writing again but discovered a problem. The version my static site generator (Pelican) was pinned to was vastly outdated. I also had enough custom code that porting it to a more recent release felt overwhelming.

I’ve gnashed my teeth for years and let my site sit unused.

Overcoming Entropy

The wind was blowing, and the world in our small valley was cloaked in dust. Last week I decided to port my blog to a new platform. I poked around a few options, including building and hosting a Ghost instance, which I discarded because I wanted simple.

I landed on Hugo, the reasons being:

  • Dead simple static site generator, active project.
  • Markdown, which I use day in and day out.
  • Hostable on github.io, with custom domain names
  • Git Actions - Ability to move site generation to a simple CI/CD workflow.

What’s Next

The world is full of possibilities again. The past 3-years have been a fogbank, where memories feel vague. I have a delightfully energized 8-year-old with summer plans that involve several adventures.

My misadventures in tech have been a bit curious over this time, and I have a lot that I’d like to share. I’m looking forward to stretching my mind and doing more writing.

~ May 23, 2022